Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Sunshine at last in the yard

Sadly, my planned sailing trip was cancelled last week, probably a good thing for me as Chichester would have been busy with Easter holiday makers.

This meant an extra day in the office for me, catching up on my accounts. Sadly it is that time of year when prices have to go up, and with Stewarts help, we have now adjusted all the prices.

One task which we have been talking about, is weighing the boats, as over the years the gear stored within the boats have increased, and so have the weight of the trailers themselves,  so this week, we have set the task of obtaining the correct information, this will be in time for us to launch our new brochure, only a year after the launch of the new website, which is what I was hoping for.

In the yard the workers have been busy, I have decided to hold off asking Simon to do any painting at home, due to the amount of antifouling he has completed over the winter months. Martin has been busy making many Dabber drop plate rudders, with matching curved laminated tiller, and often matching tiller extension. It is rewarding to see the skilled craftsmanship when these are being wrapped up, and the comments we have from the owners when they unwrap them their end, is very pleasing, it shows how we like to satisfy our customers.

Tuesday as you know is the day I look after my Grandson Kyle, this week he was having a lesson with Vernon about booms and sheets, well, if he is going to join the Solent Cruising Group on their cruising jolly in July, he is going to have to learn fast.

Kyle is holding on very tightly, as he was told too!

Kyle is watching Vernon to ensure he does the job correctly
What next, well we have some more refurbs to complete before the start of the sailing season, then the next new boat will be coming in for them to fit out and complete, ready for its journey to Greece.

And I am hoping to get that date in the diary for some sailing, I am starting to miss the peacefulness of being on the water, along with some "me time" away from every day life, come back soon and I should have something to report xx