Sunday, 17 April 2016

First sailing of 2016 at Queen Mary Sailability

A couple of weeks ago, David Jillings visited us at our office, during the course of the conversation he mentioned that the Sailability sailing would be starting us soon, this prompted Simon to invite myself along to one of their Thursday morning sessions.

So, Thursday 14th April saw me driving up to Queen May reservoir to see the first of the groups go sailing.

QMS is all run by volunteers, who give up one day a week to take out school children and adults with special needs and/or disabilities from the local area, and let them experience something different.

Watching the first children come back with smiles on their faces, is what building these boats are about for me, supplier and customer satisfaction.


The second group went out, and for this school it was the first time they had attended a session at QMS, when all of the children and helpers were on board, David took them out, this time there was a gentle breeze which gave the children a lovely sail, soon it was time for them to come back in, and the ones who may have been apprehensive at the beginning, certainly had a smile when they come back in.

As the sessions had finished for the morning, David asked some of the volunteers if they would like to have a go in the Drascombe Longboat.

So setting off, David had six of us on board. The difference with this Longboat is that they wanted a seat and a steering wheel, rather than use the usual tiller steering, the steering wheel system works well with the children.

The helmsman changed a couple of times, however I was quiet happy to be a passenger and enjoy the sail. With some tacking and jibing, I was really starting to enjoy myself, until that one moment when I was a bit to close to the water than I wanted to be, I am so pleased that the others found it entertaining.

I really do admire the work that the Sailability group provide, and was very grateful to see first-hand what they do.
This is the first of hopefully many sailing trips for me this year, and I am looking forward to the annual Chichester Rally in May.

In the meantime, Happy Sailing  xx