Saturday, 22 August 2015

No sailing, but lots of family celebrations

You will realise that my blog is not just about my sailing, behind the scenes is Simon (my husband) along with Lauren and Hannah our daughters, and Kyle the adorable grandson (Lauren's son).

It probably is a good thing that I have not been sailing, as there have been many events going on where I have had to be at home.

After a busy end of July with our wedding anniversary (21 years) and my birthday, on July 31st we celebrated Hannah's 18th birthday, with a weekend of family and friends.
Hannah's 18th Birthday

Following on from Hannah's birthday, we celebrated our Grandsons 1st Birthday, we cannot believe that a year has passed since Kyle was born. He has brought so much joy and happiness to us all, but most of all he enjoys being on the water, next year we will have him out a few more times.
Kyle's 1st Birthday

Next, Hannah passed her driving test, so no stopping her now once her car is checked over.
That week ended with Kyle being baptised in our local Chapel, and having a family birthday party, no tears when the minister poured water over him, see, I said he enjoyed the water!

Proud Mum (Lauren) and Kyle

The last week of all of our celebrations started with Hannah getting her A Level results, we are so proud of Hannah as she has been offered a place at Winchester University, and the course she will be attending is a BA Hons in Business Management, well done Han we are all so proud of you, here's to the third generation to run Churchouse Boats Ltd.
Finally, the last of events was Laurens 20th birthday, sadly the weather was not great which stopped us from going out, but next year nothing will stop the celebrations for her 21st.
Laurens 20th birthday
Phew!, a few busy weeks for us all, all these celebrations and I still continue to go to work, reply to emails, update the website as and when, collect trailers, the list is endless. But all I really want to do is go sailing, I love my family to bits, but I need some "me" time, reading bits on Facebook of other peoples adventures and day trips, do make me envious.
We did make it down to the Ashlett Regatta to see all of the boats beautifully decorated, before they set sail on the Poole Rally.
So, if my sailing buddy reads this, hint hint!! can I take your boat out sailing please.
That is all for now, continue to enjoy the good weather, and I shall update my blog when I go sailing next xx