Thursday, 4 October 2018

Family events from a wedding to a sad event


Wedding Day - after less than a year of preparations, it was time to celebrate Lauren and Jamie's wedding, I am very biased and my daughter looked beautiful, the five bridesmaids all wore duck egg blue, which made me smile as it was a colour used on Drascombes many years ago.

I still say the star of the show was my little grandson Kyle, who within minutes of Lauren arriving in the church, proudly sits there and says "are we done yet"


As if a wedding didn't keep us busy, then it was Hannah's turn to become 21. Where have all the years gone too, it didn't seem that long ago she was starting school, now she has left university with a degree, and has started a full time job as a Waitrose Partner, so a very proud mummy indeed.


This really is a milestone, my adorable Grandson Kyle started school in September, he was certainly ready for going to school, and off he went on his first day, all looking very smart - I wonder how long it will last before the collar is out and the shirt untucked.

Sorry not a school photo, but one of Kyle at the recent Southampton Boat Show, proudly demonstrating how he will steer the boat.


For those of you who have not heard, my wonderful father-in-law sadly lost his battle with cancer.

Stewart to me was my Drascombe encyclopedia,  I never planned on working at Churchouse Boats, it happened when he was very ill in hospital nine years ago, just by answering the phone, I then ended up with a job from it, and I have never looked back.

When Stewart wanted to retire in 2013, there was no other choice but to buy the company, I always enjoyed 'Stewart's company at boat shows, as there was always always a story to tell or a useful tip to try and remember.

The past two years meant there was less sailing than he had hoped, yet it did not stop him from joining in at Drascamp in 2016, and then being part of the flotilla sailing down from Ashlett Creek to Weymouth for the Drascombe Golden Jubilee.

This year, Stewart enjoyed two of his most enjoyable sails, both in fantastic weather and great company.

Sadly mid July Stewart's health started to deteriorate and he had more bad days than good. At the beginning of September he was admitted to The Countess of Brecknock Hospice

The Drascombe community have lost one of the best, right or wrong, Stewart only wanted the best for both Drascombe boats and their owners, those boots are going to be too big for me to fill!

I still remember sitting at Chichester when Hannah spoke to you and called you "Grampa", you replied "my name is Stewart", Hannah piped up " you will always be Grampa to me"

Thank you Stewart for everything, however Hannah is right, to Lauren, Jamie, Hannah, Kyle and me, you will always be Grampa xx