Sunday, 20 November 2016

Drascombe Supper at Chichester Yacht Club - November 2016

As we get near the end of another year, one of the last events of the Drascombe social calendar is the November supper at Chichester Yacht Club. I have become to really enjoy the two very informal suppers, one in February, and one in November.

Meeting the usual suspects at 'Spoons', it is good to catch up with Brad, Bob, Stewart, Tony, Jenny and Dick to find out what they have been up to since Drascamp. Simon has gone to Bristol tonight, I know I am in safe hands with these Drascombers.

Although after sharing a bottle of Prosecco with Jenny I do wonder if I will make the evening without falling asleep.

Sharing a bottle with a lovely friend
Heading to CYC, I meet with the usual crowd, luckily with the internet and Facebook, I do keep in contact with some of them, however, it is as always a pleasure to see them and have a good catch up, usually most people ask me how my Grandson Kyle is, and yes I am a very proud Nanny, as well as being very proud of my two daughters Lauren and Hannah.

After a lovely meal (yes I did have my usual lasagne) Richard G says a few words, and then hands over to Dick P, a general round up of the rallies which had taken place, along with a complete run down of Drascamp which had taken place in August, and one which we will run again in 2018.

John B talking about Morbihan 2017

After the run through of events, Dick had a few prizes and gifts to hand out.

Brad and I were given a canvas print of a photo taken during Drascamp 2016, the photo was taken by Andy Cooper and summed up what Drascamp stood for. Family fun, great location, and sailing. What more you could you want from one event.

This is the canvas picture presented to Brad and I

Tony W received the award for being rescued twice by the RNLI within weeks, and was given a collection box to be passed around at every Drascombe event Tony attends next year, what a great way to support a very worthy cause.

Tony Wood Award

Tony W and Bob B were both given sail bags for their help at Drascamp

Brad, who was the man who was brave enough to suggest Drascamp, was given an engraved pewter tankard as my appreciation for what his hard work.

Finally I presented to Dick P a wooden sign with Daislebee engraved on, for him to mark his boat space at Ashlett Sailing Club, Dick has once again suffered with me sailing Daislebee around the Solent, and two fun trips to the IOW, one which was a very hairy trip, but we both lived to sail another day.

Leaving the Sailing Club and heading back to the Premier Inn, a few stop of at Spoons for a last drink of the evening, a double G&T to round of my day with great friends was certainly needed.

Breakfast at the Premier Inn was full of chatter, and I remembered to present to Stewart his trophy for being one half of the duo to win the Harbour Quiz (or Treasure Hunt as I have been calling it) Jims trophy will be posted onto him.

Leaving Chichester, I head to Bucklers Hard with Dick P, as we have a boat to collect for winter work, Dick kindly volunteered to help with this collection as Simon has recently been off work, and it was one less task for Simon to do.

'Grace' all snug down for her journey back to CBL

 Delivering Grace back to CBL, it is time to head back home to see my family.

All in all a lovely couple of days, catching up with Drascombe owners, good food, great company, but more important, being with people who I very much value their friendship, and know when things are tough, they can be relied upon to be there for me.

Here's to the next Drascombe Supper in February 2017

See you soon x