Saturday, 25 June 2016

Katharine Mary -Update 25th June 2016

Katharine Mary Update

I would love to say that we have made a start with the refurbishment on Katharine Mary, however we have been very busy in the yard with refurbishments, insurance work along with the general day to day accessories and spares, which sadly means KM is still untouched.

We let Martin loose with the masking tape, marking out the areas for repairs, I can still see beyond the tape, and she will be finished and on display at London Boat Show in January, how can we not have her on show next to a brand new Drascombe Lugger for the 50th Anniversary, this is where I have to let the workers know who is in charge at the yard.

Someone told me recently I was mad to even contemplate restoring this boat, and all it was good for was fire wood. I have to say that person was soon informed that by restoring this boat meant a lot not only to me, but also knowing a piece of the Drascombe history, from where it all began, has been saved and will be refurbished.

Martin is a skilled wood worker, and with plenty of practice on old wooden Luggers recently, I know Katharine Mary will be finished to a high standard, she will never look brand new, as she is a 50 year old boat, however we will be proud to have her on show next year.

Below are a few photos of where Martin got carried away with the tape.

I will keep you update as we start work on her, the sails are off and ready to be valeted, the spars are all in good condition, ready to be stripped down and re-varnished.

Next task is to take off all the fittings, nothing will be new unless we really have to.

Til the next update

Sharon x

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Bank Holiday Rally at Chichester 2016

This time last year, I was attending my first ever rally, now I feel like I have been at these events for years. It is lovely to see so many familiar faces, along with meeting new ones who have ventured out for the first time.
I was lucky to sneak of from work on the Friday morning, after having to do a detour to the office to collect some chairs, where I saw Tony W watching Simon repair a small leak in his D22.
Upon arriving at Chichester, I park up and walk along to see who was already there and getting into the swing of launching their boats. Norman and Trisha re the first I see with their Dabber "Dabbler", they are such a lovely couple and always have time for everyone.
Trevor and his daughter Esme (not forgetting Buster the dog) launch their Dabber next, this was the first time for them at Chichester, so lets hope they have a good time.
I see Martin and Jane Lings who had arrived with their Coaster, so I stop for a quick catch up with them.
I am not doing too bad seeing the organiser of the rally is still sailing around in Chichester Harbour, anyway it is all good PR for me and Churchouse Boats
I go back and help Trevor to attach the jib to the stemhead, when my sunglasses slip of my head into the sea, not a great start, but with the help of Esme who walks in and retrieves them for me, I am truly grateful - Especially after my expensive trip at Falmouth last year!!

Soon I get the phone call to say that Dick has moored up, so I go along to meet up with him and the others, with greetings exchanged and a walk back down to the slipway, I take Dick off to Force 4 to by a Personal Location Beacon (just in case I push him in), then onto Tesco for the final top up of drink and food, then to Itchenor Sailing Club to pick up my room key.
When we arrive back we are joined by Alex, John G, Andy P, Peter T, Andy and Anne to name a few. Off for a quick change and we head down to Chichester Yacht Club for some food and drinks all round.
Back to my B&B for the night and hopefully a good sleep before some sailing tomorrow.

Arriving at the marina for 8am, just in time to have some breakfast alfresco, heading down to the meeting point for 9.20 Julian had arrived late the night before, and was ready to go.

Finally we are ready to go, so heading out to the lock we find that we are the last boat to go in, knowing I don't like water very much, Dick says I can either steady the stern of the boat or go on the coach roof, I still think I made the wrong choice.
Being next to Marcus and his Drifter, with Julian and John Stanage in front one side and Alex and Bob the other, this could be fun, climbing up, I hold the stays as I have been instructed, and then panic as the water starts making the boats move, not one of the most easiest of tasks, and I am sure most of the marina heard me, oh well it gave a few people a laugh.

Having fun in the lock - Thank you Bob for the photo

Heading out the lock and into the harbour, we found time to shut the engine and I was allowed to put the main sail up on my own, wow, there I was thinking it was going to be easy, think again, but at least I had a go and nearly managed it on my own.
There is just something magical about being on the water, the peace (when I am not talking), how different places look when the tides are high and low, along with all the other boats which are also out on the water.
We had a great time sailing along, with someone showing me how to tack and jibe, I will get the hand of it one day.
What I do find hard is to hold the tiller still while looking around, every time I move my head the tiller moves too, something else I have to learn how to control.

Julian Merson

Andy and Ann Cooper

Lovely way to sail

Alex Haig
We have company on route, Alex with his Deben Lugger (a Drascombe in disguise) follows us, and then goes off round some boats and before we know it he is back again.
We moor up next to Jim and his Gig Cruiser for some lunch and are soon joined by Richard, Tamzin and Annabelle (who slept in the Coaster for the first time), Trish and Norman and Alex.
This certainly is the life, sunshine, good food, relaxation, lovely views but most of all great company, there are not many places you get that combination.
Before heading off, Dick goes with Norman to sort out his jib sail as we noticed it wasn't sitting right, this was followed by him then going off for a quick sail with Alex in the Deben, this left me with the chance of  taking Daislebee back on my own, however I thought better of it this time.
Going back, we have a lovely sail, however needing a call of nature when someone keeps heeling the boat is not funny, soon it was time to go back to the mooring, something I was doing until I come a bit too close to a propeller and decided to let the expert take over.
Back at the marina, we set up the BBQ's for the evening and are soon joined by all of the other rally participants, the Drascombe band soon starts to play, food is eaten, plenty of liquid refreshments drunk and talking of the days activities.
All too soon it is time for me to pack my car up, and head back home to my family, another great Drascombe rally, thank you DP for organising it, here's too Drascamp, however I am hoping that I can get on the water before then, I will supply the earplugs if you want.
Happy Sailing Everyone xx