Tuesday, 2 February 2016

London Boat Show and Atlanta Boat Show USA

January started with a very busy time for us, with only just coming back to work after the Christmas break, Simon was packing the show boat up and delivering it to Excel for the London Boat Show.

Friday 8th January was the start of the show, and Simon had our youngest daughter Hannah helping him for the weekend, I am not sure if it was to actually sell a boat or for the socialising that Hannah went for, but she was happy to have sold a cover and a suit of sails.

The weekend was busy with good enquiries, and on the Sunday I was pleased to receive the call from Simon to say that he had taken an order for a new Longboat, that will keep us busy into the spring time.

Hannah went back home on the Sunday evening, and on the Monday morning I was catching a train to London for the start of my week in London.

Once I arrived at the show, I managed to spend a couple of hours with Simon, before he drove back home, as he had the adventure of packing and going to Atlanta Boat Show on the Wednesday.

It was good to see old familiar faces, Chris and Fiona along with Mark from Jeckells, Alex from AYB, Martin from Character Boats, Peter and David from Cornish Crabbers, Laurence, Jack and Martin from Barnett Marine, Nick and Fleur from Fine Design Marine, Roger and Jean from Portaboat, Ian from Nestaway along with Steve and Krusty from Hobie, I hope I have not forgotten anyone.

Tuesday my two volunteers arrived, Ian and Glenys Cowie offered to help once they heard that Simon was going to America, this was a great help to me, as Ian had previously owned a Lugger, and now has a Coaster, so once the technical questions popped up, help was at hand.

Today, I also had an enquiry for a new Lugger, keeping fingers crossed, we let the day continue and waited to hear. Tonight we were joined by Fleur and Alex for an evening meal, I love the social side of the shows.

Wednesday, we were joined by Dick Pizey, Dick has helped me at London and Southampton last year, so is learning the ropes and only too happy to help on the stand, although every year he says "never again" ......

Ian and Glenys said their goodbyes after our evening meal on Wednesday, I really appreciated their help, and it is always fun to have help on the stand.

We heard just before they left, that we had the order for a Lugger, so our second boat of the show had been sold, always good when you can go back with orders. Time for some bubbly, thank you Dick!

Thurday I was thinking of Simon, he had arrived in Atlanta safely on the Wednesday, met Eric who is going to be our agent, and was preparing for a long day ahead at the boat show.

Thursday was our late night, so once the show was over we headed out for a meal with the Hobie boys, this is where I got told off by Dick, as when they joined us, Dick said, "they are not boys, they are men!" sorry, but to all of us at home, they are the Hobie Boys, lots of laughs tonight, which was a great way to end the long day.

Friday and Saturday was good for talking and enquiries, but getting to the last few days, the feet start to hurt, along with needing to drink plenty to keep the dry throat away.

Saturday afternoon Simons brother Richard and his partner Kay come along to the show for a visit, I love family visitors especially when we show them the boats built to a very high standard.

Tonight, Dick, Richard, Kay and I went to Tapas restaurant, all new to me, but very nice it was, again lots of laughs (mostly I think at me!!) but great company as always.

Sunday Morning and Dick left to go back home, and I was joined by Stewart who come up to help for the day, along with take me and the boat back home the next day. Today was quiet, which made the day drag for us, soon it was time to start the packing away, and say goodbye for another year.

This year at the show it was lovely to see so many familiar faces, along with meeting some new people, we had suppliers come and visit us for the first time, this is what makes the show special for us.


Simons visit to Atlanta went very well, apart from the long days, from a business sense it went very well. Eric is an absolute delight to spend time with, so full of character and who he doesn't know is amazing.

The local Senator come along with information, contacts were made, lots of questions asked, Drascombe owners even visited the stand, this makes it even more special.

For us, this was a way to get the Drascombe name back in America, we have every faith in Eric of making a go of this, and are here to help him everyway step of the way.

Once the boat show was over, Simon had a couple of days where he was able to have go and have a drive around with Eric. It was certainly interesting from every aspect, even down to telling me how cheap the fuel was over there.

Sadly, all good things come to an end, and on the Thursday Simon was back home again, then the jet lag hit him, so a few days rest before going back to work.

Thank you Eric and Carolyn for looking after Simon so well. Here's to the next visit to you.

Hopefully the next time I write on here, it means I will have been sailing. After helping Dick pack Daislebee away for the winter, I am looking forward to getting her ready for her first sail of the season, yes, I will be at the helm, under expert guidance. I have to learn how to put the sails up, reefing, jibing just to name a few.