Saturday, 31 December 2016

Highlights of my year 2016

It is hard to believe that another year has gone by.

We started of in January with London Boat Show and Simon flying out to Atlanta boat show at the same time, with a Lugger sold at London we started the year well.

I had to wait until May for my first time on the water, where I joined the May 1st rally at Porchester an managed to have an hours sail, although it was very hairy.

At the last bank holiday in May I was lucky to have a lovely day sail at Chichester with the usual group.

Kyle at Ashlett Sailing Club in August
We were then looking forward to the Drascamp event which was held in August, with lots of planning going on behind the scenes, Brad, Bob, Tony, Dick and I were all pleased when the day finally arrived for us to arrive and set up camp.

With a perfect location, a few lovely days of great sailing weather, this was just what we were expecting from the event. Evening entertainment in the form of camp fire singing, communal bbq, along with horse racing for children and adults, over the course of the event, we had 105 people attending and 32 boats, what an achievement for a first event. The plan will be to hold another Drascamp in 2018, look out for further details.

During Drascamp, Dick P and I visited Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy to  view the facilities for the Drascombe Golden Jubilee to be held.

With this all booked, all we have to do now is promote the event and hope for a good turnout.

I was lucky enough to have to overnight trips to the Isle of Wight, the first one was probably one of the best days sailing I have experienced in two years, while the other one had to have been the one with the most laughs.

With Southampton Boat Show in September, we had an enjoyable ten days, then back to work to work on the very first Drascombe Lugger "Katharine Mary" as our aim is to have her on display at London Boat Show.
With one last sailing trip to the Island in October, it was then time to pack away my sailing gear for another year.
One big highlight for me, was my eldest daughter turning 21 in August, this was a day of celebration with many family members attending.
Finally, Kyle the two year old grandson continues to be the apple of my eye, he enjoys visits to the boat yard, happily wears his life jacket, and next year will be joining me for some sailing.
Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year, here's to a good sailing season next year.
My next update will be during London Boat Show if time permits, with photos of how Katharine Mary has turned out.
Bye for now
Sharon xx