Thursday, 21 July 2016

Preparing for Drascamp 2016

I do sometimes wonder how I got involved with Drascamp, however as the time has moved on (a year since it was first discussed) I have got used to the idea, and along with all the planning, I am now very much looking forward to the event.

However before then, there are lots of things to do, three family birthday over three weekends, with the last one only days before Drascamp starts, so I really am looking forward to my days away at Drascamp.

In the yard we have been busy with more refurbs and some insurance work, along with selling a Lugger for Southampton Boat Show and a Coaster for Chicago Boat Show in January 2017 - all exciting things going on here.

Anyway, back to Drascamp. We have 40 families signed up, 90 people (15 of them are children) and 30 boats consisting of 11 different ones, including 9 different Drascombes at one event (not sure if this is a record or not)

Horse racing pirates, Quiz evening, sea shanties, BBQs, Sailing, fireworks at Poole, Bournemouth Air Show and fish and chips are among a few of the things we shall be taking part in during the event, for me I will still be working as Simon and Hannah are going to a music festival, so the emails have to be answered and so will the phone calls at the end of the week. All in a days work for some of us.

Anyway, I am looking forward to writing up about our first Drascamp, but as always there are other people who are contributing lots too it behind the scenes. Brad, Bob, Andy P, Andy C, Tony and Dick, your contributions and help are much appreciated.

Now to get ready for these birthdays.

Happy Sailing everyone