Thursday, 30 March 2017

Churchouse Boats Trophy and Drascombe Association AGM 2017

Churchouse Boats Trophy 2017

February is the start of the season for many, as we attend the Drascombe Supper at Chichester Yacht Club.

Joining the usual gang in "Spoons" before hand, we soon arrive at CYC saying hello to old friends and catching up from the last couple of months.

Tonight after the meal and details of all events which are taking place throughout the year, I take to the floor to present the "Churchouse Boats Trophy".

This year, there were two people who I felt deserved the award, so they get to share it for 6 months each.

First was a person who not only was rescued once by the RNLI, but twice within several months. Both times did not stop this person from getting back on his boat, and joining in with the events. It could only be the lovely Tony Wood.

The second person is certainly well known within the Drascombe world, and there would be a few who have known him longer than me. Last year was a difficult year health wise for this person, and was not able to join in with the events throughout the year as he normally would. We were very lucky that this person was able to join us at Drascamp, and even go out for a couple of days sailing. So I was very pleased to announce Stewart Brown (my father in law) as the second person to share this award.

Stewart Brown & Tony Wood receiving the CBL Trophy from me

Ending the evening, a few of us ventured back to "Spoons" for a few more drinks, here's to a good sailing season.

Drascombe Association AGM 2017

Saturday 25th March saw Hannah (my 19 year old daughter) and me catch an early flight to Belfast for the DA AGM.

Not too keen on flying, Hannah had much fun teasing me at how small the plane was, and it was good that the propellers were going around, don't you just love children.

On the flight

Arriving early, we caught a taxi to our hotel for the night, and then took the short walk into the city centre. Walking around the city was like any other, however some of the buildings were very beautiful. We had a quick snack and then headed to the Belfast City Hall, which was the venue for this event.

Walking through the gates, it was a very impressive building.

Belfast City Hall

Walking up the stairs to the drinks reception we were met by Sandy Parfitt along with her husband John. I was proud to be introducing Hannah to many Drascombe owners who I knew there, I met up with John Stanage, and said what a beautiful building he had chosen for the venue.

Soon it was time to head into the AGM, the usual details given of the past year, talking about membership numbers, accounts and the rallies which had taken place throughout 2016, one which was mentioned was the Drascamp 2016 which had been sponsored by Churchouse Boats.

At the end of the meeting I spoke of the Churchouse Boats Trophy and who it had been awarded to at Chichester the previous month, along with details of changes which are going on at CBL.

The AGM finished with Doug Elliott giving a very impressive account of his days of building wooden Drascombes along with his brother John.

Following on from the AGM, Hannah and I chatted for a while to some more Drascombe owners, and then ventured back to our hotel, after a short rest, we headed back out to visit a charming pub The Crown and had to have a G&T to start the evening off.

We headed to the Jurys Inn  for the evening meal, and it was lovely to sit with friends.

During the meal, Doug Elliott cut the celebration cake which was then handed around to everyone.

Doug Elliott and John Stanage

The Cake
Back to the hotel ready for the flight home the next day, Belfast was lovely and I certainly plan to visit again, hopefully in warmer weather and I can have a sail in a Drascombe.

I am not back home, and looking out of my office window, the sun is out. As off today I have had over 12,000 page views in two years.

Well my sailing partner looks like he has quite a busy few months, so it looks like my plans will change, come back to see what my next venture is going to be.

Enjoy the sunny weather, and enjoy lots of sailing

Sharon x