Saturday, 27 August 2016

Birthday Celebrations

It is that time of year when I seem to have lots of birthdays going on.

Hannah, the youngest turned 19 on the 31st July, the partying started the night before her birthday with friends coming over and a few staying the night, it is amazing how much fun the youngsters get out of a bouncy castle.

With her birthday on the Sunday, it was a good day to have family around to help celebrate, much to Hannah's delight the weather was great, so plenty of wine, beer and none of Hannah's singing luckily.

Back to work for a break, I then take the Friday off work so I can go to Ashlett Sailing Club for the start of their annual regatta. Taking Kyle with me so that his mum can prepare for his birthday party the next day, we spend a lovely few hours in good company.

It is then my grandson Kyle's second birthday, I can not believe that he is two years old, he is such an adorable, charming, social little man who chats away to people he meets all the time.

With his small fiends at lunch time, we then have nearly thirty family members around in the afternoon for tea. What a great way to spend the day.

Finally, the big one!! Lauren is 21, my beautiful, clever, caring, mother to my grandson has finally turned 21.

How the time has flown since she was the small bundle, who was dependant on us all, but now is a mum herself, I am so proud of her.

Now time to get ready for Drascamp xx