Thursday, 16 July 2015

Falmouth Holiday

You know when you get one of those mad moments and then realise what you have done, well this happened to me. Knowing that there was going to be a Drascombe jolly in the Falmouth area in July, I asked Simon and the girls about having a short break to coincide with this. Luckily they were all keen, so holiday cottage booked, arrangements were made with the others, all we needed was some good weather.

In the mean time at CBL, we had built and sold a Drascombe Longboat to the Plymouth & Devon Sailing School Association, and I offered to have the boat delivered to them on our way to Falmouth, I could hear the groans from Hannah about delivering a boat while going on holiday, it is fun I said!

Leaving early on Monday 13th July, Simon and Hannah head off with the boat to deliver it, I follow behind later with Lauren and Kyle. Our journey takes us via Indian Queens for some giant steak pasties for the sailors who we meet with at Truro. 

After a quick stop at Truro to hand over the pasties, Lauren continues the drive to Falmouth.

Pasties for the Drascombers
Mooring up to get some provisions
We had arranged to meet with them on Tuesday evening at Pandora Inn, Mylor for a meal as it was Tony W's birthday, we spent a lovely evening in great company.

Tony W celebrating his birthday

Wednesday we headed down to Mylor to go sailing, Lauren and Kyle went with Dick P on Daislebee, Hannah went with Grampa on Bolitho (Drifter22), Simon went with Tony on his Coaster, while I had the pleasure of sailing with Brad and Bob on "Shioban" which is a wooden Longboat Cruiser built by Douglass Elliott.
After motoring out of Mylor, I was offered a shot of Morgans Spiced Rum (I have said before that I am not a drinker, I am sure that they are trying to convert me) the sails soon went up, and I was even having a go at fishing (a first for me), I love being on the water and each different Drascombe owner has taught me something new about sailing, this is why I am not keen on having my own Drascombe when there are so may owners out there who I can catch a sail with.

We headed to St Anthony beach, where I climbed down the front of the boat and dropped anchor (a first for me) I was then offered a drink, so I had my first and only G&T of the day, I have to say, the men do look after me well, with plenty of refreshments being offered.

We sat and chatted while watching the others sailing around, the weather was improving as the day went on, soon we were all the boats were nearly anchored together.

The decision was made that we would head to the beach, now I have to say that I was not too keen on the idea, we were in 1.3m of sea water, and I was going to have to get ashore in a dinghy, Dick took Kyle and Lauren over first, then Hannah was taken ashore, Dick then rowed back to get me, getting out of the Shrimper into the dinghy didn't go too well, as I ended up sitting on the floor (slight wet bottom), then as we got nearer the water I was given my instructions, "on the count of three, you stand up, and then when I say, you step out of the dinghy" how hard could it be ? Well I was soon to find out, as I stood up like I was told, then as I stepped out into the water, I am not sure what happened apart from the fact I fell in the sea, with lots of laughing going on around me, I composed myself and got up, then realised that I had made the biggest mistake of all, my iPhone was in my
 pocket, ouch!!!!!  a very expensive dip in the water.

Having fun before I took a dip in the water
Once on the beach, we were joined by Brad, Bob, Marcus, Stewart and Dick. Kyle was enjoying his first time on a beach, even happy to eat the sand!

Soon it was time for us to head back to Mylor, Simon was still in with Tony, so Dick was water taxi for us to get back, firstly all of us on Daislebee and then back to Mylor.

Photo curtesy of Stewart Brown - Yes, I needed a helping hand, I do love these guys

Lauren and Hannah took advantage of standing up on the cabin of the boat, singing to their hearts content, much to Dick and my amusement, Kyle was so overcome with everything that he was soon asleep in my arms, and we had an enjoyable motor back to Mylor.

When we talked about this holiday and then booked it, I am sure we were only expecting a few hours out on a boat or two, the pub meal followed by quite a few hours in the company of some lovely people made our break away from our everyday jobs, one which we will remember for a while.

Thank you Stewart, Brad, Bob, Ian, Marcus, John, Tony, Dick, Andy and Judy for letting us join in, and as for the iPhone, it is sat in a bag of rice, looking sorry for its self, so I went and purchased a new one.

This is not the end of our week, as on Friday 17th July, the Drascombe a Longboat will be officially named, come back to read about my special day and time with Kate and James Watkinson.

Note to myself, do not drink rum and G&T while sailing ......... xxxxxxx