Sunday, 26 November 2017

Busy, Busy, Busy with lots going on

Wow, it seems to have been a long time since I last updated my blog. Work ahs been busy which is great, and family life has been too.


Again we exhibited at Southampton Boat Show, the first day sadly was not the best weather wise, however it didn't stop us from being joined by family, friends, customers and suppliers to join us for cake and fizz sponsored by Barton Marine as part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations. This really has been a year for them..

As always, we are joined through out the week by customers and friends, which is lovely as it can often be a god send to have help on the stand.

After a busy weekend, Dick Pizey come down for a few hours after work on the Monday, dick has helped at three London Boat Shows, and enjoys meeting the customers and giving any advice he can, what Dick would really like to do is complete a sale of a new boat, so no pressure at London in January. Brad and Bob visited during the week, although I am sure they visited the beer tent as well as seeing all those lovely bit boats.

One of the best parts of the show for me, is the other exhibitors, as at times the laughs and talking get you through the long wet days.
Highlander Boats certainly made me smile during the week, as one day I come into the show to find a sign attached to our show Lugger,
Drascombe Diamond Club
10% off Wednesday
Over 70's only
The Scottish do have a funny sense of humour :-)
During the course of the ten days, we had lots of positive enquiries, which we followed up on our return, this included selling several brokerage boats, and a good amount of spares and accessories.
Soon it was time to pack up again for another year, and count down until we head to London in January 2017
Along with running the business, I also enjoy catching up with my girls, just before the boat show, Hannah and I went to Dorset to collect the latest edition to our family, this little fella is now five months old and very much part of the family and comes to work some days with me too.
Meet "Rags"

Kyle is now three years old, and has attended his fourth Southampton Boat Show, he is such a little charmer

Hannah has now started in her final year at Winchester University, reading Marketing, so we are looking forward to seeing how well Hannah does next year, however I will be proud of everything she does.

Lauren and Jamie have now set the date for their wedding, Saturday June 2nd 2018 we shall be looking forward very much to being part of the celebrations.

I finally managed to get one last sail out in October, after busy days and not very good weather, we sailed over to Shepherds Wharf for one night and back again in fog, that was a very interesting sail for me, as it meant keeping my wits about me and following the compass for once, and as for things moving at sea, I really wasn't too sure where I was going. Luckily we managed to get back safely and in one piece.
It has been a busy year this year, so sailing has not happened as much as I would like. However, there is always next year.


We have just started on the first of a run of new boats, the first is a Lugger which we shall be exhibiting at London Boat Show in January, she is another well finished off boat and I know she will be greatly admired. After the Lugger we have two Longboats which will be shipped out to an organisation in New Hampshire, once I have more details, then I will share them with you.

Kyle and Rags check out the new Lugger


Our usual November supper had moved this year to Lymington for a change, it was organised by Andy Peter and included a pre supper tour of the RNLI station at Lymington, and a talk after the supper by the RNLI.

 During the evening some small gifts were handed out to various Drascombers for their humour, forgetfulness, and Drascombe spirit, as well as thanks to those who helped me with the Drascombe Golden Jubilee at Weymouth in the summer.

 I have to say, it has been another busy time and in five weeks time we shall be ready to see in the new year, I will be back to say goodbye before the end of 2017.

Sharon xx


  1. Busy busy! Can't wait to see what Rags and Kyle get into in 2018.

  2. Nice to know all is well and you are busy with work,it's always good to hear your sll of your news, not just the Drascombe news. it's certainly been an interesting and remarkable year for Drascombe's, much of it down to your hard work, well done to you for that.I'm still deliberating about going to the London Boatshow in January, it a question of fitting it in with priorities, hopefully it will happen, it's what I'm trying for. Let's hope 2018 is going to be a great one for all.