Saturday, 25 January 2020

2019 round up - Better late than never

2019 went too fast, and this is my only update for the year, mainly for my own reasons.

With no London Boat Show in January, over two weekends the team flew out to Dusseldorf Boot to have another look at this impressive show.

The second time for me, however for Jamie it was his first visit, and I know the feelings are the same, this is the show to attend ......... one day.

In February, with help, we exhibited at the Motor-home and Caravan Show in Birmingham.

With an owners Drascombe Dabber, we showed off what could be achieved, a motor-home with boat on the back, and ready to let the adventure begin ........

In March, with my co-driver, we set off to deliver a Wooden Drascombe Lugger to Berlin, sometimes it is fun to just go that little bit further and meet our customers in the home land.

On our return journey, we stopped at Belgium to see the canals, pretty shops, as well as lots of chocolate, oh wow, I was in heaven.

At the end of March, it was the Drascombe Supper at Chichester, this being the six month anniversary since Stewart had died, I put 71 photos to a piece of music, remembering a much loved character in the Drascombe Community.

In April, as I had the opportunity of looking after Kyle during the Easter holidays, we drove to Warsash to meet with Dick P. From here we hopped on Daislebee for Kyle to have his first real sailing experience, once we put the sails up, and shut the motor, we were sailing, Oh my, how Kyle loved it, although I was informed that he talks just as much as I do!. Kyle loved it, and it was great to see him out enjoying the fresh air.

Starting them off young!

In May, we exhibited at Jersey Boat Show for the first time, wow, the setting was lovely along the harbour front, the boat especially looked lovely, and showed off the refurbishment services which we can offer.

Three days in glorious sunshine, what more could I ask for! While there, I met with a couple of Drascombe owners.

June we were back at the Falmouth Sea Shanty and Classic Boat Festival, the weather was cooler than last year, and the rain held off which was good. The sea shanties have started to grow on me, and we enjoyed some good evenings, plus the best fish and chips at Harbour Lights, believe me, you can not visit Falmouth and not go to this place.


I can not believe that is was two years since we were last here at Weymouth Portland National Sailing Accademy.

This time with 46 people and 26 boats, we had three fantastic days of the best weather, sailing wise, we went to Ringstead Bay on the Saturday for a picnic lunch.

I was very fortunate on two accounts, firstly I got the opportunity to sleep in a Drascombe Coaster for the very first time, this was thanks to the very kind owner.

Secondly, I was joined by Lauren (eldest daughter) and Kyle. Kyle come out with me earlier in the year, but this was the first time he would have been out for several hours ......... both of them had a whale of a time, Lauren took to sailing like a duck to water (she is her mothers daughter after all) and as for Kyle, it was an absolute joy to see them both so happy and enjoying some time away doing something different.

The Sunday was the "follow the course" OK so next time we will have to find a different way to make sure the helmsmen understand and can follow the course, it was great fun though.

Will I do it again, oh yes, here's to 2021 when we go back to Weymouth.

August was the usual busy months of birthdays, I think I may cancel the summer next year!

September come around all to soon for the Southampton Boat Show, we had a great spot, just in front of the show entrance, and was showing off a Drascombe Lugger, along with the first Drascombe Coaster which we built in 2003 - both boats done us proud.

October, starts the refurbishment work and continuing with new builds, we have been very lucky with the continuing work which we have had over the months.

November saw the Drascombe meet at Gosport, with a lovely chinese on the Friday evening followed by watching the the Aircraft Carrier HRH Prince of Wales come into Portsmouth on the Saturday afternoon, I couldnt have planned the weekend better if I had tried. Then on the Saturday evening we had a lovely meal at the Light Ship at Haslar. All in all, a good weekend.

Now as we are approaching the last couple of weeks in December, I look back and realise that I have had only two days on the water this year, something I need to change next year.

I have been fortunate to spend time in some very good company, been to some nice places, and met new people.

But with the good times come the not so good, my mum suffered a stroke the day after my birthday in the summer, so I am juggling time needed to take mum to hospital and OT appointments, but as we all know, sometimes we just have to get on and do these things.

I start 2020 with less baggage than when I started this blog in 2015, in this time I realised it was time to move on, we cannot change the past, but we can change the future.......

Thank you for spending some time to read my blog, it is not all about sailing, or my work, but also about me, Sharon.

2020 will be an exciting year.

Sharon xx

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  1. Here's hoping for a good 2020.
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